Steve Schklair, CEO, 3ality Technica

Steve Schklair, 3ality Technica’s CEO, has been working at the forefront of new technologies for most of his career. Schklair is dedicated to advancing and developing S3D in the motion picture and the real-time broadcast of S3D programming especially sports and sporting events.

Schklair’s vision to attain the most perfect and easy to capture S3D images remains true to the technology’s potential—changing how audiences experience movies, episodic television, and sports programming. As a result, the company has been noted for leading the S3D movement, shooting the first live S3D broadcasts from the NFL, the BCS Championship, a variety of programming for BSkyB, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup. With Schklair at the helm, 3ality Technica systems and technology have gone global and are being utilized in countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia, the UK, Russia, India, and in Latin America.

Recognized as an international S3D expert, Schklair contributed to the 2011 book, ‘3D TV and 3D Cinema’, written by Bernard Mendiburu with Yves Pupulin.