Elemental Technologies ready for multiscreen Olympics
By: SVG Staff
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 2:17 pm

Multiscreen delivery of the London Olympics will be a main consumption mechanism for millions of fans and Elemental Technologies and its multiscreen content delivery system will power IP video delivery initiatives for leading broadcasters around the world.

The broadcasters, each of which engaged Elemental independently, are distributing over-the-top video to viewers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and more than a dozen countries in Latin America. The companies will use Elemental to deliver live and on-demand coverage of the Olympics to Internet-connected devices such as set-top boxes, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Elemental has also been selected to create transnational video streams for multiscreen delivery to viewers worldwide.

Expected to be the first truly “digital Olympics” with a multitude of viewer offerings, this year’s event will be one of the largest in the history of live video streaming and has the potential to be the most watched event of all time.

“This summer’s London Olympics are expected to fuel broadcasters and service providers worldwide to add significant live multiscreen and time-shifted viewing capacity, with up to 24 live Olympic channels available to give audiences the content they want, whenever and wherever they are,” says ABI Research senior analyst Sam Rosen. “Broadcasters are preparing IP video for laptops, tablets and smartphones to support viewing of live events while at work, as well as augmenting their video-on-demand capabilities to provide audiences with control of which sports to watch at home. Many will experiment with new video distribution to customers including through Facebook, HTML5 websites optimized for multiple screens, dedicated iPad or Android apps, and apps for connected TV products like Roku.”

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