DTS acquires Manzanita Systems
By: SVG Staff
Friday, September 12, 2014 - 10:06 am

DTS, a leader in high-definition audio solutions, announced that it has acquired Manzanita Systems, an industry-leading developer of MPEG software solutions for digital television, video on demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) markets, in a move designed to enable DTS to offer greater value to its customers in those markets. 

“We are committed to growing our business in the network-connected media ecosystem and believe that the acquisition of Manzanita Systems will help DTS further strengthen its position in the space,” said Geir Skaaden, Sr. Vice President of Digital Content and Media Solutions, DTS.

The acquisition will enable DTS to leverage Manzanita’s toolset offerings to more rapidly deploy new technologies into the market, broaden customer support capabilities and accelerate progress in the network-connected market. Together, DTS and Manzanita will provide industry-leading content packaging and delivery solutions for emerging media formats, which in turn supports greater strategic alignment with studios, music labels and other content providers.

“As part of DTS, we will continue to offer the industry’s most advanced transport stream analyzers and software multiplexer solutions,” said Greg Vines, Vice President, Product Commercialization, DTS. “Joining DTS allows us to take advantage of its much larger platform and scale to further develop our product portfolio and offer customers even greater value.”

DTS will be showcasing streaming demos that utilize tools developed by Manzanita Systems at IBC 2014 at its stand located in Hall 2, 2.B50.


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