AMP VISUAL first to install I-MOVIX X10
By: Andy Stout
Monday, February 6, 2012 - 10:37 am

France’s AMP VISUAL TV Group has become the first outfit to purchase the X10, the new ultra-slow motion system from I-MOVIX that delivers 300fps realtime continuous streaming at 1080i.

“The I-MOVIX X10 solution provides ultra-slow motion with the ease and flexibility of a traditional broadcast camera — which is essential in all shooting sessions,” said François Valadoux, chief technical officer of the AMP VISUAL TV Group. “I-MOVIX has developed a product that is fully integrated with the OB van, with features that are fully compatible with our setup, and easy–to-use functionalities such as the new joystick-equipped control panel, the OLED viewfinder, and the return video inputs. The X10 system is also 3D-ready and equipped for other future developments.”

For those that haven’t been paying attention, the X10 system is a fully broadcast-integrated solution and includes the latest high-speed HD camera, a camera control unit, an operational control panel, and a slow-motion remote panel (for use in ultra-slow-motion replay mode). X10 is used with the industry-standard EVS XT3 production server and LSM remote-control recorder. The camera connects to the camera control unit (CCU) via a SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, enabling long-distance optical fibre transmission and control through a single connection.

“Our relationship with I-MOVIX has developed over several years, through collaborations based on fruitful exchanges on technical and operational matters,” said Gilles Sallé, chief executive officer of the AMP VISUAL TV Group. “This summer, AMP will be the first to offer the brand-new X10 system to broadcast customers. This is an important innovation and part of the new generation of services we are developing at AMP. We will continue to provide producers and television channels with technologically innovative products, such as the X10, that will help them to enrich their coverage.”


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