ACS launches new 3D Minicams
By: SVG Staff
Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 10:11 am

ACS has made a significant investment in the development and delivery of a range of 3D camera systems which mirror its service provision offered in HD. As part of its on-going commitment to the development of specialist cameras, ACS has launched two new 3D heads, the Hammerhead and Remora.

Most recently deployed on the Manchester United v Liverpool Premiership game at Old Trafford for Sky Sports, thre hammerhead was conceptualised and developed in house. According to the company, the Hammerhead (pictured) is a flexible and compact 3D remote pan & tilt minicam solution which provides a motorised IAD and convergence adjustment plate for a pair of HD minicams with fixed lenses mounted on to a SMARThead remote head. For live applications Hammerhead is supplied with a Telecast Copperhead 3G fibre transmission system which requires only a single SMPTE 311 fibre cable for picture transmission, control and head/camera power. A range of grip is available including floor mounts and adjustable height stands for maximum flexibility and ease of installation. Hammerhead is perfect for filming applications where space and/or line of sight is limited and a 3D camera angle is desirable. Motorised Convergence & Interaxial 40mm – 120mm.

Remora is billed as a flexible and cost-effective means to provide a simultaneous HD and 3D remote head camera position, Remora consists of an ACS HD SMARTHead fitted with a specially created 3D mount consisting of 2x HD minicams with fixed lenses in a side by side configuration. The system only requires one SMPTE 311 cable to transmit picture and control data (from all 3 cameras) to the OB with the 3D cameras slaved to the Pan & Tilt movement of the 2D camera providing a more dynamic and creative shot then a simple locked off 3D minicam solution. Preset Convergence & Interaxial 20mm – 100mm.

The Hammerhead and Remora add to ACS’ compliment of 3D specialist cameras which include flown and ground based rail systems as well as tracking vehicles, using gyro stabilised heads and the Element Technica Pulsar Mirror Rig.

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