Telecom Italia, Emitel Poland tap Signiant for file-based transport
By: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG Editorial Director
Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 8:43 am

Telecom Italia and Emitel Poland are two of the most recent telecom operators to adopt Signiant products for secure, accelerated file movement in support VOD, content aggregation, and distribution services. Italy’s largest telecommunications provider, Telecom Italia, has purchased Signiant Managers+Agents and Signiant Media Exchange for aggregation and distribution of content to support its new services and workflows. Likewise, Polish telecom provider Emitel has installed Signiant as the basis of a complete content-distribution-management infrastructure to serve its national television market.

“Today’s leading-edge telecom service providers are looking beyond their traditional business models to expand into new types of managed-service offerings for their media and entertainment customers,” says Rick Clarkson, Signiant’s VP of Product Development. “To make these services viable and efficient, a growing number of telecom operators are using software from Signiant to move rich-media files in a fast, secure, and automated fashion while also providing complete management control over the transfers.”

Until now, issues such as network latency, a lack of tools for asset tracking, and inadequate network security have hindered service providers in their efforts to implement file-based media workflows, both to support their internal processes and to deliver profitable, managed services for their media customers. Signiant addresses those issues with a complete family of software-based solutions for automating, accelerating, and managing the secure exchange of high-value media assets.

Signiant’s enterprise-class software solutions address all aspects of file-based media movement across global networks. The compatible product suite includes Managers+Agents, optimised for automated batch file transfers, advanced resource management, and workflow integration. And Media Shuttle offers enterprises cloud-based workflows without the file-size limits or security risks associated with storing media assets in the cloud.

“By accelerating workflows for secure content exchanges, Signiant’s software adds value on many levels. First and foremost, it supports the ability of telecom service providers to expand their portfolio of services and add incremental revenue beyond their traditional base,” says Clarkson. “Also, they’re able to pass significant benefits along to their customers in the form of operational cost savings, new efficiencies, and the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-level security of their video assets.”


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