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FutureSource: Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality set to become mass-market proposition

Interactive ‘experiential’ entertainment in the form of virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) is set to become a mass-market proposition in the general market, with sport broadcasters and content providers using this technology as a complementary service, writes Heather McLean. Innovative, cutting edge technology and what it means to consumer entertainment continues to be on […]

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Abekas joins SVG Europe as Gold Sponsor

SVG Europe is pleased to announce that Abekas is the latest company to join the roster of Gold Sponsors. Abekas designs, manufactures, sells, and supports a line of professional HD/SD digital video/audio equipment. The product line includes: digital video/audio production servers; digital video/audio delay machines for live-broadcast profanity elimination; digital video/audio disk recorders; digital video […]

Read more Job of the Week: Data Journalist for Sports Events, Sportradar

Every week SVG Europe and join forces to bring you details of a new, much sought-after employment opportunity in sports broadcast and related disciplines. This week’s (part-time/freelance) position is data journalist for sports events at Sportradar. Sportsdata – which is a brand of Sportradar – is seeking freelance candidates to attend sports venues for the […]

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Guest Comment: Tom Ellis outlines a ‘week in the life’ of a NewTek 3Play operator

As a certified NewTek 3Play operator Tom Ellis has a great deal of experience running high profile 3Play jobs. Here he discusses the kind of different set-ups, workflows, features and functions that are needed for a typical week in the life of a 3Play operator, providing instant and slow motion replays and more for sporting […]

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SVG Europe Sit-Down: BroaMan MD Tine Helmle on the rise of fibre and sports stadium impact

Such is the impact that BroaMan has made in broadcast infrastructure circles that it is difficult to believe the company was founded as recently as January 2012. Established by the founders of optical digital fiber specialist Optocore, BroaMan has cultivated a portfolio that includes cost-effective converters offering low power consumption and high density, complete distribution […]

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